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The Last Industrial Revolution

Biggest NFT Release in The World

ID NFT Identity Document Non-Fungible Token

The Biggest NFT drop is happening on 01 May 2022 at www.crypto.com/nft/profile/arkdian. We’ve created the world’s first “ID NFT Identity Document Non-Fungible Token”. Only up to 48 people can own it as it is split into 48 different NFT blocks that can be purchased separately. All funds will sponsor the development of PORTOCAL [PORT] blockchain and the migration of Portocal [PORT] smart contract from Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Find the official event at https://nftcalendar.io/event/worlds-first-id-nft-identity-document-non-fungible-token/

ID NFT will be one of PORTOCAL’s biggest projects on its native blockchain!

Portocal [PORT] Smart Contract Liquidity Locked in


Buy & Hold PORTOCAL [PORT] - Win One of The 10 x Tesla Model 3


At £1 Million Market Cap:

Purchase at least 1 million PORT in one go and we’ll choose 100 addresses at random to give an extra 10 million PORT.
Purchase at least 1 billion PORT in one go and we’ll choose 50 addresses at random to give an extra billion.
Purchase at least 100 billion PORT in one go and we’ll choose 10 addresses at random to give an extra 10 billion.
Total prizes: 151 Billion PORT.

The Big Competition
At £1 Billion Market Cap:

10 x full spec Tesla 3 vehicles to random addresses;
10 x Life Saving Treatments to children waiting on lists for expensive surgery, medicine, etc..
We’ll publish the winning addresses on our website. You’ll have to claim the Tesla vehicle by checking your address against the winning ones. If an address is not claimed within 30 days of the draw, a new address will be drawn.

Portocal [PORT] Info

Portocal [PORT] is a smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain launched on 1st July 2021. Portocal iOS travel app & Portocal [PORT] DeFi token are products of Watashi No Namae Wa Un Ltd, registered in England & Wales, no 11410980, hereafter referred to as Watashi.

Buy on Pancake Swap – set Slippage to 13%.

Portocal [PORT] token address:

0xB0E3a02b36492800EB0fB6F9B7266041CB926055 This token address has been deprecated, awaiting new token launch. If you've been affected by this please get in touch with us and we'll fully refund you.

Current Price



20 Addresses

Market Cap


How to buy

  1. Download Trust Wallet and create your first wallet;
  2. Buy desired quantity of BNB (Binance), and swap it into Smart Chain by tapping the three dots of your BNB page; you cannot execute purchase with normal BNB; BNB has the same value as BNB Smart Chain;
  3. If you cannot find PORTOCAL in the search, type the contract address in the add new token field, then activate it. Trust Wallet will automatically find it; you can sell PORTOCAL back for BNB at any time;
  4. Go to pancakeswap.finance on your browser, type the contract address in the coin search field; import the token;
  5. Type in desired smart BNB to be swapped for PORTOCAL; make sure price impact is under 1% for the best value for money, and slippage between 13%-20%; if price impact is in red you get a really poor value for money;
  6. Tap SWAP; you’ll see your tokens in Trust Wallet shortly if transaction successful; price value might be delayed.

Portocal is Rewarding Blood & Plasma donors in the UK

Every month we’re giving away 1,000 FREE Portocal [PORT] tokens to 1,000 unique donors. Watashi (The Company) is paying the network fees. All you have to do is show proof of your latest donation, and we’ll tell you what to do if you’re new to Crypto. Once you become a holder, you will always see an increase in the number of your tokens due to the transaction tax going back to all Portocal [PORT] holders. It’s up to you how long you decide to hold the tokens. You can consider it a free passive income as gratitude for your generous act of saving lives. We wish we could do more to celebrate your kind act. Our CEO has worked in human plasma processing, so we know how big of a gesture your bravery is. The UK’s blood service does not give donors anything, while your blood produces a lot of money on the other side for private entities. Way poorer countries are paying donors money, time off work, and food vouchers, all to support their healthy recovery. This is why we want to reward all donors, if possible. We are planning to run this giveaway for at least one year starting 1st August 2021. Hurry and claim yours! Contact us with proof of donation via email or Telegram. None of your personal details will be stored on any of our servers. A photo of you holding the donation card should be sufficient for us or one of your social media posts where you declare yourself a donor or a Polaroid from the donation centre.

£5 Million Fundraiser

To speed up the development of our PoS (Point of Sale) and Portocal apps, we are fundraising on the platform to avoid paying fees to crowdfunding platforms.

Send Bitcoin (BTC) here:


Send Ethereum (ETH) here:


Send Binance (BNB) here:


These funds will help us speed up the development of our cPORT Blockchain where PORTOCAL [PORT] tokens will be migrated. They will also speed up the products we are planning to release, and improve the existing ones.

Portocal [PORT] is bringing forth the future no one wants to talk about

The future cannot belong to centralised systems. Governance as we know it is against the emancipation of human condition. All projects Portocal [PORT] token will manage are meant to considerably reduce industrial (non-animal) CO2, and ultimately eliminate the production of dangerous aerosols and pollution (CO), and industrial and household spillages in the sea. Watashi will perform studies and start developing autonomous housing projects in remote areas of Europe and United Kingdom.

At Watashi we do not aim to create jobs, as they are traps for the mind and personal development, but only collaboration. We will collaborate with developers and decentralised entities to create life changing products, while keeping everyone as independent and contract-free as possible.

Buy on Pancake Swap - set Slippage to 13%.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 PORT

900,000,000,000,000 locked for burn at market cap milestones

Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 PORT

Minimum Supply that will be burned: 900,000,000,000,000 PORT

5% going to holders

3% going back to liquidity pool

10% going towards Watashi’s projects, awards, marketing, and surprise burns

£1 Million Market Cap – 100,000,000,000,000 Burn

£100 Million Market Cap – 200,000,000,000,000 Burn

£500 Million Market Cap – 300,000,000,000,000 Burn

£1 Billion Market Cap – 300,000,000,000,000 Burn

Each Burn will not be announced. The Burn will be executed within 30 days after achieving the Market Cap Threshold for the burn. Following the Burn we will make the link public for everyone to verify it. Follow our media channels for updates.

All burns after that will occur from the 10% project tax, and only if the price impact of the 10% swap to BNB would be too high (to keep investors protected from huge price fluctuations). Example: if cashing out 10% would influence the price too much, 50% of the 10% would be cashed out and 50% burned. This will not always be the case, and dependant on demand, number of holders, and the number of tokens that are required to be in circulation in order to support our projects and become a sustainable payment method.

£1,000,000/1,000,000,000,000,000 (circulating supply before Burn)=£0.000000001 per PORT


The more you hold the higher your investment will go. We recommend holding till close to the last Burn & Beyond to benefit from the surprise burns.